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Since 1976, Vision Care Clinic has been the leader and preferred provider of quality vision care products and personalized optometric services to our patients in Denison, Onawa, Mapleton, Council Bluffs, Manning, Missouri Valley, Moville, Sioux City, & Blair (NE).

“I was treated by Dr. Nabors, the plan she went over with me showed she was very knowledgeable and the respect I was given by all the office staff was truly heartwarming.”


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Comprehensive Eye Exams
Diabetic Eye Care
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Eye Emergencies
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Eye Health Awareness

Keep your eyes in tiptop shape

Comprehensive Eye Exams and Education

Name five things you would expect to find in every school nurse’s office....

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How Much Do You Know About Pink Eye?

Have you ever had pink eye? Conjunctivitis or pink eye is a very common...

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The Best Foods for Healthy Eyes

Eating carrots is supposed to improve our eyesight, right?...

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